Since my blog is mainly meant to be informative about various media topics, I decided to include a page that quickly sums up some my favorite resources. I have discovered most of these through school, others I have found in my own free time. I hope you find these as helpful as I have. I will add more to this list as time goes so, and I discover some new things.

I was first introduced to this wonderful website through a class, and have used it ever since. This is a wonderful website that includes various tutorials on a whole range of subjects. I have mainly used it for video, design, and photography tips. I get the subscription for free because of my major, but I know it is not expensive for anyone to access this amazing resource.

Sometimes, writing is hard. I write all the time and I still struggle with the basics. Spelling is my Achilles Heal, and I am prone to small mistakes frequently. This app is pretty useful for getting a quick edit. I always recommend having another human being edit your work, but if you need a simple edit done quickly, check out this tool.

The website is simply awesome. I like to go here to look at the different writing prompts. Sometimes, prompts can be a great way to get the writing juices flowing. This is also a great site for publishing news and writing tips.

This one might be random, but I have my reasons. I have always found that reading on a regular does amazing things for my writing. I don’t know if it’s the fact that my brain is getting its exercise, or something else. This is an amazing resource to find new books. Read every day and watch your writing soar!