The Wonderful World of EBooks

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a print person. There is just something that feels so right about holding a book in my hand, and turning actual pages.

Ebooks do have some advantages. I do own a Nook that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. I have probably three books on it, and they are all books that I couldn’t find at Barns n Noble. They are also a lot cheaper than print books. I found that using them for academic reasons is super helpful. This is because you can make notes and highlights and save them on your device. My Nook saved my butt during Philosophy of Ethics. I mean, some of those readings were real rough to understand. The built in dictionary was so very helpful.

Though it can be hard to let go of your love for print books, it is naive to think that Ebooks aren’t changing the way people consume books. Acknowledging Ebooks is vital if you plan to work in the book industry, and jobs are available in the world of Ebooks.

I have recently become interested in Ebooks, despite my preference for print. The main reason is because I am making an Ebook for a project in my Digital Writing class.

So, in my research, I came across this nifty article from Chronicle Books. It goes through the six steps of how an Ebook is made, and what Ebook employees at publishing houses do in order to put one together.

The things that surprised me the most is how much work goes into converting a book into electronic form. If its an older book, locating the files can be a struggle. Clearing the rights can be as well.

The possibilities are also endless with Ebooks. So much creative design goes into putting it together. The format has to be correct, and most Ebook publishers strive to make them look as close to print books as possible.

However, so much can be added into Ebooks. Audio can be included, pop-ups, photos and other images, and even video. A lot goes into putting together an ebook that remains close to a print book, yet adds more to the reading experience.

I find this fascinating. Publishing houses are constantly looking for writers and editors, but they are also looking for people that can utilize technology to craft beautiful Ebooks. Does’t sound like a bad job to me.

Form a design perspective, putting together an Ebook entails a good eye for design. Keeping the headers and typography consistent is crucial, as is breaking up print so that the eye of the reader can rest. For my Ebook, I plan on utilizing bullet points, headers, and sub-headers. A serif font is often good for bodies of text, while a different one can be used for headers. Type can also be utilized to convey a message, depending on your subject.

If you are interested in making your own Ebook, check out this video. I will be researching how to put one together myself here soon.


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