The State of the Industry

One thing that I hoped to accomplish by starting this blog is to inform future writers on the print media business. So, I found some very good resources on the news and book industries.

The first reading I found was by  Pew. Just from this one reading, I discovered a lot about the industriesI hope to work in. Knowledge is always a powerful tool in arming yourself for a job.

The statistics dealing with the change in the newspaper industry are staggering, but really they aren’t surprising. Both print and digital newspaper circulation fell 7% in 2015, making it the worst year for newspapers since the Great Recession.

Advertising also fell 8% in both print and digital as well. Newsrooms have had to cut employees at higher and higher rates. The only crutch newspapers seem to have are small groups of very dedicated subscribers, and those are slowly declining as well.

All of these things I have learned as a student. It is scary. I may have thought about changing my major a couple of times, but somehow I stick with it. I might save this topic for a future post.

Anyways, I have received a lot of advice from professors and media professionals alike, which can be seen in other posts. The journalism industry is indeed changing, but journalism itself will not be going anywhere.

I think the main way to make sure good journalism is still around is to somehow get the public to care enough to begin a public fund for news agencies, just like NPR. I feel that multiple benefits could come from this change. Maybe that is just because I really, really like NPR.


Anyways, This article was also very informative on the actual trends of the book industry. Though we like to think that print books are safe, digital books till are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of ignoring this fact, it’s time to prepare for it.

Non-fiction print book sales are falling. No surprise there. The internet provides free and easily accessible information at a much higher rate than print books do.

E-books are also affecting fiction genres, and the increasing popularity of the newest and greatest e-readers push people to buy them more often.

Also not surprising, but I think the main take away is this: it is no longer useful to be living in the past. I love me a print book more than a digital one anytime. The same goes with newspapers. There is something about holding a book that brings a lot of comfort to me, and to a lot of people.

The thing is that it doesn’t matter if I have a deep connection to an actual book being held in my hand. I still need to accept the trends, and learn how to prepare myself for jobs that may not fit my emotional need, but pay the bills.

I have known many people that work for newspapers as well as having a full-time job. This is always an option, but if you expect to get a full-time position with a newspaper, prepare for rejection. That is just a part of the new media world.

In this world, you have to stay up to date. For instance, I learned today that podcasts are the rising form of media right now. These are the kinds of trends to look out for.




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