Being Digitally Challenged While Preparing for Media Jobs

I have always had issues with technology. I didn’t own a computer until I was 15, so I spent my whole life in the blissful world of books and the outdoors.

Recently, I read something in a class that troubled me. According to this article, the jobs that I am learning to prepare myself for right now are quickly becoming obsolete. Social media is on its way out. This is something that worries me, because social media makes sup a large part of most of my classes.

Now, it may be a no brainer that technology is where the jobs are. Looking back, I probably should have minored or at least double majored in a subject to do with technology. Computer science sounds great, but I knew I wouldn’t succeed.

I am the rare mellinial that struggles with computers. I really always have. Luckily, college has taught me more than I ever could hope for. Before college, I didn’t even know how to touch video editing. However, I came to the conclusion that the more digital skills I have, the better chance I have of getting a job. This applies for all fields of study.

I have two pieces of advice if you are struggle with the digital world.

My first tip is, if you are a student, participate in any student media that interest you. I write for my university’s newspaper, an even doing that has given me skills that classrooms couldn’t. I have learned how to take good photos. I have learned how to achieve good web-friendly headlines. I have learned what size of photos look best on the web. I have learned how to manage my social media accounts, and push content out effectively.

These skills may be simple, but they will help you a lot. Experience is the best way to get ahead in this industry.

My next tip is simple: Lynda. This is an excellent resource to teach yourself new skills, and the amount of lessons are infinite. I know for a fact that companies use it to train employees.

These skills may be scary to tackle, but luckily you can teach yourself how to do anything. Learning to code is as easy as a Google search.

That’s the beautiful thing about the internet.



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