Why Newspapers Are Dying, But Journalism Isn’t

As a Journalism and Media Communications major, people often tell me I won’t find a job with a newspaper.

I don’t argue with this, because deep inside I know this is true. With the rise of the digital age in the late 90s, newspapers were not prepared for the consequences. Advertising in print became too expensive, which is how newspapers would make a bulk of their profit.

Online advertising became a lot cheaper than print, and websites like Craigslist can literally be blamed for the death of the newspaper. Now, all the blame can’t be put on Craigslist. Newspapers were too slow to get with the times, even though they had all the warning signs of where the print market was going.

So where does that leave my field of study? This vast filled of television, radio, website management and creation, public relations, and advertising? Well, the answer is simple: it’s not that journalism is dying as a field, it is evolving with technology like many other fields have had to do.

Take social media as an example. Every time I go on my major’s website, I see an intern position for some social media assistant for x, y, and z business. Why? Because this is one of the largest growing platforms used today to reach millions of people.

Sites like Twitter have revolutionized the reporting world, and made it easier to get breaking news out quickly and efficiantly. It also allows people on the street to act as reporters themselves.

If you go on newspaper websites now, most have implemented pay walls. These are those notices that come up when you have seen a certain amount of articles, and they ask you to start paying. This is one way newspapers have had to evolve in a way that would  bring in money.

In a world slowly loosing traditional journalists, reporters have had to take on multiple different roles to keep there jobs. We are expected to be good at photography, video, and managing social media. Luckily, my major includes preparation in all of these areas.

Comedian John Oliver sums it up pretty nicely.

Though I realize the world of Journalism is changing, I am worried about this. In a world loosing hard-hitting reporters, what will happen to our news? I guess in time we will find out.







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